The Stardom Culture Among Apps | Drop in Rating RCA

Framework to approach the problem.

1. Assumption:

Due to lack of access to accurate data and metrics, i will be making the following assumption:

  • A driver and user interview was conducted in the last 2 weeks.

2. Internal and External Factors

Internal Factors:

  • Did any user have a bad experience with our company which was highlighted in social media and became viral.
  • Any controversies which led to defamation of the company indirectly.

3. Hypothesis and Validation Using Data Points

From the interviews and research conducted in the last exercise, i am going to assume the following hypothesis:

  • Number of negative reviews accusing driver of cancellation due to drop location has increased by 40%
  • No offers were released by competition in the past 30 days.
  • Cash to Online Payment ratio is 1:5
  • Our company had recently made policy changes to accommodate the demands of the drivers.

4. Selection & Neglecting Hypothesis

From the available data points, following hypothesis qualifies as major issues with possible effects on the rating.

  1. Drivers do not prefer going to remote areas due to increase in fuel prices recently.
  2. The drop is too far from the city for the fare amount displayed
  3. Traffic in that region is very high
  4. The road to the drop location is very bad
  • From the problems faced by the drivers it is very evident that the drivers are cancelling rides to specific region due to lack of fare and time.
  • It was also understood from the drivers that they do not get to know the drop location before accepting the ride. This is why drivers call the user and confirms the drop location before picking them up.
  1. The drivers do not feel motivated when there is no money in their hand by end of the day.
  2. Drivers are not trained on online payments or does not understand how it works. Therefore there is a lack of trust in the system.
  • 24 Hour settlement to drivers based on the amount earned that day: We can work on a model where a driver will be eligible for daily payout if he/she has earned a minimum amount. Eg: If the driver earned INR 2000, the payout will be processed within 24 hours.
  • In app training module and support system to help drivers get accustomed to online payments. This can also include a leaderboard of drivers who has made maximum incentives from online payments.



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